Riley Evans (a farmer) and Margaret Evans (a school teacher) started one of the first private Assisted Living Facilities in the state on their farm in rural Bladen County in 1957. It originally started out at about 9 beds and eventually grew to providing a home and services to 76 residents.

Riley and Margaret had five children. They had three girls and two boys. All of these children were raised up in the facility and working on the farm. They literally got off of the school bus at the facility. They learned a work ethic from working on the farm. They learned to be service oriented from growing up and working in the facility; as well as their local church which Riley and Margaret made sure they attended.

All of the siblings are still in the business. They went on to open several other facilities around the state where they perceived there to be a need.

Overview of Eno Pointe Assisted Living

The family saw a need in northern Durham that was not being met. In 1984, the family constructed Eno Pointe Assisted Living to provide quality and compassionate care for residents in Durham needing assistance with their daily living needs. Originally built for an occupancy for 80 residents, the facility was added on to in 1986. Today Eno Pointe is Licensed for 147 Assisted Living Beds.

Eno Pointe is well known among area healthcare providers for the conscientious and personal attention we provide for our residents. Here at Eno Pointe, we believe our success results from a dedicated relationship between management, employees, families and physicians all working together to succeed at a challenging yet rewarding job.

For many years people relied on their families to take care of them as they became older and/or needed more help. As the population centered more in the cities, and jobs became more industrial and less farm related, this kind of care became difficult for a family to provide. Today, Assisted Living facilities seek to provide care for the elderly in an ever-changing world of medical advancement, regulatory constraints, and ethical considerations.

Today, this industry is evolving at a rapid rate. It is challenging to keep up with changing regulations, demands, and needs of serving our senior population. Eno Pointe Assisted Living


"No matter the season, Eno Pointe is here for you. We are family. Spring ,summer, fall or winter, we are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year taking care of our family. If you need some assistance with your daily living needs, or you are just tired of being by yourself and taking care of everything that goes into life, we would love to have you come and be a part of our family."

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